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Does your home have cedar roofing Local Area? Cedar shakes also have natural strength and durability, which can give your cedar roof a long, healthy lifespan. That means repairs aren’t necessary as often as with other common shingle materials, including asphalt. What that doesn’t mean, however, is that your roof will never face damages or need replacement.

Inspect your Local Area cedar roof, and check for the below signs your roof might need repair or replacement. Then, search for a Local Area cedar roofing contractor near you. Just call 888-633-1511 today or use our convenient contact form.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Cedar Roofing Local Area?

Regular maintenance and quick repairs after storms or other impactful events are key in making sure any roof lasts as long as possible. At a certain point, however, it’s time to stop repairing your cedar roof and consider whether replacement may be more economical. Cedar shake roofs can last up to 50 years, but it is critical to watch for common physical issues even before the end of your roof’s suggested lifespan.

First, determine whether you have a cedar shake roof or a cedar shingle roof. While there are a few differences between cedar shake roofs and regular cedar shingle roofs, the two types are closely related. Consider a few differences between the two:

Manufacturing: Regular cedar shingles are milled using a saw, while shakes are usually hand-split from cedar blocks.

Texture: While regular cedar shingles are sanded for a flat, uniform look across a home’s roof. Shakes have natural grooves from hand-splitting, giving cedar shake roofs their unique, textured appearance.

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Strength: Cedar shakes are typically more durable and long-lasting than cedar shingles. This is because cedar shingles are thinner and made from numerous grades of wood, while cedar shakes are thicker and made from high-quality wood.

When Should You Replace Your Cedar Roofing Local Area?

If you’ve determined that your cedar roof is made from cedar shakes, there are several signs your roof needs repairs. If any of these signs frequently occur, or if you notice more than one of these issues, it may be time to replace your cedar shake roof:

Missing shakes: This tell-tale sign of a roof in need of repair is fairly easy to notice from the ground. If you see numerous missing shakes, it may even be time to replace your roof entirely. If you can see missing or visibly damaged shakes from the ground, there are most likely more hiding just out of your line of sight. A professional can conduct a Local Area cedar shake roof inspection, taking a close-up look at how many shakes have been affected.

Damaged Cedar Roofing

Damaged Cedar Roofing: Though cedar roofs are incredibly tough, they can still receive damage over time, during a strong storm or even from falling branches. There are a few different types of damage that affect cedar shakes:

Splitting: When cedar shakes are exposed to the elements, they can split—either very suddenly or slowly over the roof’s lifespan. You can spot this by the way the split reveals the interior of the shake, which will be a different color than the exterior. Shakes that have a much brighter color inside the crack were most likely damaged in a storm, which may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Curling: Curling is a distortion of the shape of a shake over time due to exposure to UV rays, extreme heat, rain, poor attic ventilation, and more. When you notice shakes with curled edges, it’s time to get an inspection.

Cupping: Cupping occurs due to many of the same reasons as curling and describes the way the center of the shake appears pushed in, making a cup-like shape. The depression in the shake can cause it to collect water that would otherwise run right off.

Reasons Why Your Cedar Roof Needs to be Replaced

It’s worth noting that new cedar Roofs may show some slight cupping or curling. However, extremely warped new cedars are likely the result of defects from manufacturing errors or incorrect installation. This is why it’s always important to always work with Local Area cedar roofing professionals for cedar shake roof installation, maintenance/repairs, and replacement. They will be able to identify defective shakes during installation and follow the proper steps to ensure they are installed incorrectly.

Leaks: Missing and damaged shakes don’t just cause a cosmetic concern for the exterior of your house. They also may lead to leaks inside your home. When shakes split, cup, and curl, they warp the watertight seal between your home’s interior and the elements. If you’re noticing any significant water damage in your home, you can bet it’s time to replace your roof.

Older Local Area cedar roofs will require regular checks for any leaks after storms and other intense weather conditions. They will appear in the form of discolored patches of your ceilings and walls, as well as the plywood in your attic. Catching a leak early is very important in minimizing the damage caused.

Cedar Roofing-Natural Growth and Rot:

Cedar Roofing is made of a natural material and is subject to some natural plant growth. Moss, mold, and algae can grow on your cedar over time. Especially as the wood softens from exposure to water and UV rays. You can see the signs of rot and growth on your shingles by noting the following:

  • Texture. The sides and edges of the shakes may appear furry or fuzzy, or the bottom edges may split and fray.
  • Color. The cedar roof is darkened with water damage or growth, and, shows signs of streaking.
  • Interior drywall. If you notice signs of leaks or interior discoloration, roof growth may be the culprit.

Schedule a Cedar Roof Inspection Local Area

Yellowfin cedar roofing service can help. Routine roof inspections are important for catching the warning signs of repairable damage. And thus determining whether your roof needs to be replaced altogether.

Deciding on a company to trust with your roof installation, repairs or replacements can be tricky. Local Area Homeowners in can rest easy, You can rely on the Yellowfin professionals for affordable, high-quality cedar roof service. Finding the best Local Area roofing contractor near you is easy, just call 888-633-1511 today or use our convenient contact form.