Roof Cleaning Service vs Do-It-Yourself

Why You Should Hire a Roof Cleaning Service vs. Doing it Yourself

We believe that getting a new roof installed is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does a new roof increase your curb appeal, but it improves your home’s efficiency and can increase the resale value. However, this is only the case if it stays that way. Like the rest of your home’s exterior and interior, your roof requires maintenance to ensure it stays in good shape for its expected lifespan. This is why you should a roof cleaning service to maintain your investment.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Roof

The first thing you can ask yourself before cleaning your roof is how old it is. If your roof is at least ten years old, it may be time to evaluate your shingles for mold, algae, lichen, or moss. Mold and algae growth, if left unattended, can eat away and decompose your roof shingles and other exterior surfaces of your home. Algae thrive in moist, humid areas, and especially under shade. If you have a large tree that shades your roof for the majority of the day, you may be more susceptible to algae or mold growth.

Algae growth on your roof looks like black streaks or discoloration, which you should easily be able to see without having to take a ladder up to check. It can look green or white, almost mossy, moving across the roof as well.

Any discoloration can be a sign that you need to get your roof professionally cleaned. Roof cleaners will know more specifically what to look for and diagnose the issue at hand before they use any tools or cleaners to get your roof clean.

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The Dangers of DIY Roof Cleaning

The main reason you should not attempt to clean your roof is due to it being very dangerous, particularly for the inexperienced homeowner. Without the proper tools and safety equipment, you put yourself at risk of injury. You can also end up damaging your roof, which can lead to costly repairs or replacement.

Some homeowners think that pressure washing is the proper way to clean their roof—that they can just get up on that ladder and pressure wash the shingles clean. Not only can that be ultimately damaging to your property, but it may lead to injury and falls. Soft washing is the proper way to clean a roof, using the appropriate solution and soap to ensure the roof not only gets clean but stays clean. Corrosive detergents or cleaners can just end up causing more damage, or you’ll find more mold growth down the road if the bacteria are not properly destroyed.

Lastly, and this is a fun one, bees and hornets often make their nests in hard to see places near your roof. The last thing you want to happen when you’re at the top of a ladder is to come across a hornets’ nest. That can only lead to stings, falls, and damaged roofing or gutters. So, ultimately leave the roof cleaning to the pros!

What Professional Roof Cleaning Services Can Do for You

To reiterate, hiring a professional roof cleaning service is safer, for both the people and the roof. They will know what to do and how to do it to get you a gorgeous roof that looks like new.

Look for companies who soft wash over pressure washing. The soft washing uses a solution that will kill the bacteria, algae, mold, or whatever else has taken over your roof. This provides a gentle cleanse as well as longevity for your roof. The issues with pressure washing include blowing off granules and blowing up under your shingles. This can get moisture into your attic, leading to even more mold growth on your home’s interior.

A professional can also do a full evaluation of your home and your property to make sure other areas of your exterior haven’t been inundated with algae or mold growth. They will know if the roof is damaged and requires more than just cleaning. They will also use the proper tools and techniques to ensure your roof reaches its expected lifespan without fail or further damage.

To prevent continued mold growth, ensure you trim back any shading trees, especially in humid climates. Check for algae regularly, or set up a recurring maintenance plan for your roof. You can also purchase algae-resistant shingles. As a CertainTeed certified contractor, we can give you more information on whether it’s worth installing their StreakFighter shingles to prevent further issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cleaning your own roof?

The most obvious benefit to cleaning your own roof is saving money. Unless you want the satisfaction of cleaning every crevasse, the only benefit is monetary. That is unless you don’t have the required equipment, which you would either need to purchase or rent.

What are the dangers of cleaning your own roof?

The largest danger is slipping and falling off your roof. Obviously this is avoidable to some extent, but if you are not used to being high up on a roof the risk is very real. Especially if you are using cleaning material and walking on a wet roof.

Is hiring a roof cleaning specialist really necessary?

Necessary? No. But when you weigh the cost of renting or purchasing gear, your time, and add the risks on top it really makes sense to pay the little extra to hire a professional. It’s safer, easier, and there’s a good chance they’ll do a better job if they’re worth their salt.