Yellowfin Now Offers Thermal Drone Roofing Inspections

Your roof is a vital part of the structure of your building. It also requires internal and external protections. Your roof protects you from bad weather and harmful UV rays. It also helps to maintain temperatures inside. Fortunately, this helps to keep utility bills low. When properly cared for, you can enjoy many years with your roof.

Regular inspections help to make sure your roof stays in good condition. There are a few different ways you can inspect your roof. You can stay on the ground and look at it from a distance. This can be helpful in spotting debris or large issues. But it is difficult to see smaller signs of wear and tear. You can also climb onto the roof for a close inspection. This allows you a close look but could be dangerous.

The best way to inspect your roof today is through the use of drones. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have the ability to detect any potential issues with your roof using thermal sensors. Drones can easily scan roofs of any size. When you want an accurate inspection that is fast and safe, our thermal drone inspections are the answer. Call 888-633-1511 or use the convenient contact form for more information.

Why Use Drones for Roof Inspections

Technology continues to improve the ways we maintain our important structures. Roofing is a vital structure that provides comfort and security. Issues with the roofing material can lead to other damages. Sadly, this can be costly and time-consuming. To prevent a progressive of problems, drones provide the best information. Thermal inspection drones check for defects and damages in the roof. Additionally, drones provide a baseline of the current roof conditions to help in general maintenance. This means that no matter how new or old your roof is, you can benefit from a drone inspection.

The drones come equipped with an infrared scanner. In fact, it can cover the surface of a large roof in just minutes. The images taken are processed by top-of-the-line software. This software then delivers highly detailed maps and models. The final product provides an accurate overview of your roof. This allows you to see your roof’s true condition. You’ll be able to see any areas that need your attention.

With the use of thermal drones, you’ll never have to second guess the integrity of your roof. Thermal drones are unlike anything in the construction technology field. Drones will likely continue to revolutionize the way these services take place.

Benefits of Drones

There are numerous benefits to using thermal drones. One of these benefits is the risk reduction associated with roof maintenance. Unfortunately, traditional methods of inspection can be dangerous. Even for a professional, there are risks involved. Falls from tall ladders, trips, and slips from uneven surfaces can happen. This can result in serious injury. Roofs can also be structurally dangerous. Roofing material can shift, and roofs can collapse. Individuals can be exposed to risks of execution or becoming trapped. Because of these risks, drones are the perfect solution.

In fact, drones make the whole process safer. A drone pilot can operate a drone safely from the ground. Any data that would be collected from a physical inspection can be done with a drone. This helps keep the professionals examining your roof safe. It also makes routine maintenance much simpler. Sticking to regular inspections helps to minimize future risks to your roof.

In addition to improved safety conditions, drones are much more efficient. Drones cut down inspection time. Traditionally, you would need equipment such as ladders and scaffolding. This equipment has to be transported, assembled, and broken down. This can be time-consuming. With a drone, all you need is the drone itself and an operator. Flight routes can even be pre-programmed to further save time.

Data Improves Quality

Another benefit of a drone inspection is all the valuable data you can gather. There is no worry that the lack of human inspection will result in poorer quality. Unfortunately, the human eye can only see so much and can be prone to human error. That includes overlooking an issue or not realizing how serious an issue may be. Manned aircraft inspections are another option. However, these crafts have to fly at high altitudes. This can cause images that are of poorer quality. Thankfully, this makes drones perfect for roof inspections. They can fly close to the surface of the roof. This provides high-resolution thermography.

Additionally, drones are maneuverable, which makes accessing hard-to-reach areas easy. Drones are able to provide accurate, detailed reports with ease.

They can uncover issues such as:

  • Cold spots
  • Water puddles
  • Water leaks and moisture
  • Blistering
  • Roofing material damage
  • Debris

All of these issues can result in significant damage that can be expensive. Sadly, water damage can lead to further issues such as mold or rot. Missing or damaged roofing material can impact the structural integrity of your roof. Roof damage can also impact your building’s ability to maintain desired temperatures. The ability to detect any potential issues with ease makes choosing drone inspections a no-brainer.

Turn to the Professionals for Drone Inspections

Thermal drones are the future of roof inspections. In fact, drone thermography is extremely accurate. In addition to precise feedback, they also get the job done safely and quickly. Surprisingly, a drone can provide the same inspection each time. This makes sure that nothing is missed. Any changes, even small ones, will be easily detected. Because of this, drones provide dependable accuracy you can trust.

The success of the drone inspection also relies on the operator. It is important to make sure you are working with professionals. Not just anyone can accurately operate a thermal drone. Because of this, you’ll want to work with professionals who have licensing, proper training, and the necessary equipment. Like a traditional roof inspection, a professional will know exactly what to look for. This includes understanding the different settings needed depending on the roofing material.

A professional will also know the best weather conditions for performing the inspection. Additionally, they will also have the proper training to use the equipment. This gets the job done efficiently. Thermal drones are an ideal way to have your roof inspected. When you want to get the most out of the life of your roof, you need regular inspections. Drones make this process accurate, cost-saving, and efficient. Call 888-633-1511 or use the convenient contact form to schedule your inspection today!