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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wind-Related Roof Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wind-Related Roof Damage? Bad weather causes serious damage to homes. In fact, it’s why homeowners carry insurance. Obviously, the wind is often an issue in roof damage. Because of this, you must learn if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers wind damage. Unsurprisingly, learning the basics can prepare you. What to Do … (read more)

Roof Repair and Replacement

Roof Repair And Replacement: Knowing When To Repair & When To Replace Your Roof Whether your roof is aging, or sustained damage from a storm, you may be wondering when it’s time to replace your roof, or if you can simply repair it. Well, there are a lot of factors to consider, but we can … (read more)

Roof Cleaning Service vs Do-It-Yourself

Why You Should Hire a Roof Cleaning Service vs. Doing it Yourself We believe that getting a new roof installed is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does a new roof increase your curb appeal, but it improves your home’s efficiency and can increase the resale value. However, … (read more)

Tips for Negotiating with Contractors

7 Tips For Negotiating With Contractors For Lower Prices & Better Terms When you hire a contractor, you’ve done so because they obviously have the skills and experience to take on your home project for you. You hired them for their expertise, but that doesn’t always mean they know what’s best in terms of the … (read more)

Should Your Contractor See The Insurance Estimate?

Should Your Contractor See The Insurance Estimate? If you receive storm damage to your home or roof, you likely need both an insurance claim filed and an inspection from a contractor. Many people wonder whether or not they should or are supposed to show their insurance estimates to the contractors. There are definitely things to … (read more)

Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Repair: A Homeowners Guide To Fixing A Metal Roof If you have a metal roof, you know that it can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. That longevity is one of the reasons you invested in a metal roof. However, you also know that without proper maintenance and repairs, that roof can’t … (read more)

Common Roof Types in the Northeast

The 4 Most Common Roof Types in the Northeast The Northeast corner of the United States boasts a wide array of weather and juxtaposing coastal and inland cities. Believe it or not, some roof types just aren’t recommended for coastal cities or places that have all four seasons of the year. In Delaware, for example, … (read more)

27 Roofing Safety Tips

27 Roofing Safety Tips From the Pros As roofing contractors, we should be fully aware of the dangers that come with working on roofs. It is our duty not only to keep ourselves safe but those around us as well with the proper roof safety. On-the-job falls, mainly roof falls, account for the largest percentage … (read more)

Metal Roof Benefits

8 Metal Roof Benefits Every Homeowner Should Know The top roofing materials, according to HGTV, include asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, slate, wood shingles and shake, and metal roofing. Metal roofs were once seen as only for barnyard or sheds. But in recent years, they’ve expanded on both styles and finish, to create a … (read more)